Table Browser

A table browser is a tool that lets one browse database tables and/or query result sets, and in some cases edit (make changes) also. Direct table browsing is more difficult to implement than result-set browsing because of the "set-at-a-time" nature of relational theory.

Handy potential features of table browsers:


Aha! You want MicrosoftAccess! (j/k)

MS-Access has a table browser and can be used as a table browser, but I would not say it "is" a table browser. It probably has most of the listed features, but I wouldn't call it the ideal. Then again, MS killed off most of the competitors using TargetThenIgnore, and it is thus almost the only game in town.

Possible products or source of tools or widgets that provide or make use of a TableBrowser:

  | Employee.. | IQ | Salary ^
  | Fred Dread | 078| 72,000 |
  | Lisa Missa | 137| 84,000 | // Names are hyperlinks to populate detail panel
  | Bert Burpp | 023| 95,000 v
  | DETAIL PANEL:............^   
  | Employee: [Lisa Missa ] .|
  | IQ: [ 137 ] .............|
  | Salary [ 84000 ] ........|
  | [*Save*] [*Delete*] .....v
  // Dots to prevent TabMunging

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