Summary Of Hof Examples

Summary of HigherOrderFunctions examples and scenarios given on this wiki, most of which relates to the applicability of HOF's to custom business applications (CBA, see CustomBusinessApplicationDefinition).

SummaryOfHofExamplesTwo will try a different approach to summarizing.

Weather analysis system in ArrayDeletionExample.

Multi-panel auto-refresh display (A.K.A. "Brady Bunch Intro") as found in ArrayDeletionExample:

App-side joins and unions from tables in different databases could benefit from the app querying both databases at the same time. (Example found in NodeJsAndHofDiscussion) HofPattern BlocksInRuby including Enumerable as described in TopOnAbstraction ChallengeSixVersusFpDiscussion - Reporting system with downloadable source code.

PayrollExample - A basic payroll system with downloadable source code.

Employee shift scheduling Custom Collating (typically for sorting) Query-Language-Like Interface to In-Memory Structures

Techniques competitive with HOF's (Depending on situation)

ObjectOrientedProgramming (presumably FunctorObjects? [1])

EVAL: Strings of functions/expressions that use an Eval() operation when needed SQL expressions CASE statements or conditionals It's not clear how these techniques represent alternatives to HOFs. I presume "objects" means FunctorObjects, but that's just a guess. It would be useful to see code examples for each alternative that demonstrates how the alternative compares to an equivalent use of a HigherOrderFunction and/or LambdaExpression. FunctorVsClosure demonstrates the difference between FunctorObjects and LambdaExpressions in Java. It would be good to see similar comparisons for EVAL, SQL expressions, and CASE statements or conditionals.

They are not necessarily all replacements for all HOF's in all circumstances. ItDepends on the design etc.


[1] I'm not prepared to subscribe to further OOP or OOP-related classification here. I'd rather move the suggestion below. -t

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