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Hi, while you are at WebServices, maybe you would like to improve ServiceOrientedArchitecture, BusinessProcessManagement, ComplexEventProcessing, EventDrivenArchitecture, and SODA (Service oriented Development of Applications, but no page here yet) as well :)

updated ComplexEventProcessing, EventDrivenArchitecture. BPM and SOA will have to wait. I'd prefer not to touch SODA, as there's only so many Gartner-isms that I can handle without frothing at the mouth. EDA is bad enough case of hair-splitting with SOA, but SODA is a pretty flimsy distinction to warrant yet another acronym... just my opinion though. --SC

Thanks for your help in the CEP and EDA pages. There are more publicly available material related to the above topics since I first started to pay attention to these terms. I have shifted attention to DotNetTwo programming at this moment.

I am also looking for a bit of jump start on a DotNetTwo thing called "DynamicMethods?".

Links :

That is a bit deep for me (hoping it would be piece of cake in six months time). Lastly is DynamicMethods? helpful in the implementation of AspectOrientedProgramming within DotNet? -- dl

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