Steven Newton

Thanks for visiting my area on Wiki. You can email me at snewzigton@zigio.zig.comzig (Take off every zig), or see my web pages at

No (known) relation to IsaacNewton, but I wouldn't mind if I found one.

I've lost my interest in doing IT work, and am returning to my prior career as a photographer. If you'd like to purchase a print of my photographs leave a message here. I'm also available for writing and editing assignments, either technical or non-technical fields.

Ward and I worked together and came up with a nice logo, I'd like to share it here:

Also I wrote a little poem.

Green & Grey

 Funny day -- that glary yellow thing in the sky again,
 Scary blue mist above.
 I'd float right up
 With no moist blanket over me.
 I don't care what people say,
 Fair days, bright highlights and deep shadows,
 Strange sights.
 I like the way the green world
 Looks in the grey rain.


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