Simple Project Management

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Simple Project Management: What Everyone in Your Organization Needs to Know About Project Management

This book provides twelve major Project Management Patterns and variety of smaller ones. The table of contents is available at: The Scope Pattern ScopePattern is taken from one of the chapters.

Project management knowledge is vital to organizations of all sizes because organizations must be able to implement changes effectively. The project is an organization's most potent tool for making changes.

While many other books are available to help leaders in organizations to identify the changes that must be made, this book explains how to take those decisions and turn them into action.

This book's power comes from its focus. It includes only those project management essentials that everyone involved with a project needs to know. It explains them simply so everyone can understand and apply them.

'Who needs the book?

New project managers will appreciate this book because it explains where to start and what to do. It is small enough to be kept in hand. By reviewing a section whenever a few minutes are available the principles described here will soon become an automatic part of your behavior.

Experienced project managers will value this book for three reasons:

Managers of project managers will appreciate this book because it tells you what to expect from your project managers. It will help you guide your project managers to greater effectiveness.

Executives who understand that organizations implement change via projects will want every team to have this information. You know that the ability to successfully implement change determines the life or death of the organization. You will appreciate the fact that it is a small, selective book. You know how hard it is to get everyone in the organization on the same page. You know that people are more likely to read and understand all of a small book than all of a large one.

Customers of project managers will appreciate this book because it tells you how to work with your project managers. It will help you to make sure you get results, not just effort, from your project teams.

Everyone who works in a organization will want to know this because it shows what needs to be done for important changes to be implemented. With this knowledge you can always be part of the solution. You will be able to help your organization adapt.

How to use the book.

Project management contains more vital components than can be easily kept in the front of people's minds. It works most effectively when it becomes part of the background, our common vocabulary and automatic behavior. This little book serves as a constant reminder of what everyone on the project needs to do. By sharing this information with team members, customers, and management you can streamline communication and help everyone to work together more effectively.

Take advantage of the book. Carry it with you. Review a section when you have a few minutes. Follow the directions it provides. Share copies of this book with your team members, customers, management, and anyone else you think would benefit. Let it help you teach them what they need to know about project management. Use it in team meetings. Pick a topic and review that topic in the context of the current project. Use it to help explain your actions to your management and to your customer.

Where to find the book?

The book can be purchased from the web site:

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More information project management patterns is available at:

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