Simon Brenner

Just in case my contributions start multiplying, I guess I'll put something up about myself too :P

StarTrek, Psychedelic Goa Trance - SUN project is my favourite at the moment (excellent music for coding!), anime, japanese (Yep, I'm one of those Anime+JapaneseLearner? freaks :P)

ComputerScience student at Linköping University, where I got my first taste of LispLanguage (metarecursivity is just so neat!).

Current projects include, and a loose plan to implement some cool EsotericProgrammingLanguage. Although... all the good esolang ideas are already taken :( Was thinking about something event-oriented - I've yet to see something "purely" event-oriented, besides 2iota, which might not be TuringComplete.. Perhaps I'll do some research and figure out what it needs added to become TC.


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