Scott Vokes

Another developer.

I live in EmacsEditor, though I used VimTextEditor for several years, and can sympathetically describe the advantages of both camps.

I particularly like LuaLanguage, ErlangLanguage, CeeLanguage, KayLanguage, and ObjectiveCaml. I'm warming up to HaskellLanguage (which is gradually displacing OCaml, much like Lua displaced Python).

You can also find me on HackerNews?, GitHub, and Twitter under the name silentbicycle. I'm also into cycling (naturally), cooking (particularly esoteric stuff like cheesemaking, homebrewing, etc.), linguistics, and board games (Othello, Go, etc.).

TODO: Flesh out the LuaLanguage stuff here, it's several years out of date. Lua has gotten much nicer since the 5.1 release. I have a small library (tamale) which adds Erlang-style PatternMatching to Lua, for example -


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