Rudy Rucker

A leading mathmetician, computer scientist, and CyberPunk pioneer, Rudy Rucker writes novels that surprise and delight with an effervescent mix of cutting-edge science, raucous social satire, and deeply informed speculation into the nature and fate of humanity.

A grandfather of the CyberPunk movement, he published the landmark CyberPunk novel "Software" in 1982. This is probably my favorite CyberPunk book. He is delightfully irreverent. He writes in an easy to read style unlike Gibson's heady stuff.

Interesting. I have one of his books, Infinity and the Mind, and didn't realize who he was. (Or that I should care what the byline was.) Indeed, the bit about tetration on ReallyBigNumbers I stole from Infinity and the Mind. -- SunirShah

He is also a philosopher, as his ancestor GeorgWilhelmFriedrichHegel.

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