Robert Di Falco

I am the CTO of products at Tripwire, Inc. Most of my career has been spent working on programming interfaces, class interfaces, and reusable programming assets in general. Today I spend most of my time trying to bridge the gap between a user's mental model of how they want to work and a programmer's implementation model. Most of my recent reading has been around Product Management, IxD, and UxD. Weird places indeed for an engineer to hang out.

You can check out some marketing stuff on the latest version of the product at: The 7.6 version is currently shipping and I'm pretty excited about it.

Contact Information:

Robert Angelo DiFalco
Portland, OR 97204

Some recent books I've liked: Some of my favorite books are:

Some of my favorite music is: Some of my Pages Pages I don't want to forget to keep working on....

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