Rob Crawford

Rob (Robert) Crawford is a Senior Programmer at Bridge Communications (, a new media company in Cincinnati, OH. His job combines system administration, database administration, system design and development. His current focus is on systems for maintaining web content and providing editorial control with an emphasis on portability and reusability; he has written a system that maintains the website, the site for the local Children's Hospital. For the last six months, Rob has been studying patterns and using them in his designs. This has saved untold amounts of work and made it possible for a single person to develop much more complex systems; an important consideration at a company with a TruckNumber of one.

Update, 2/24/2009: That was the late '90s. Now I work for a national retailer's IT department, working on a labor management system that serves a few thousand stores each week. I'm still a strong proponent of patterns, and have added an even stronger belief in agile practices and methodologies.

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