Richard Henderson

Consultant technical architect, project manager, finder and fixer of problems big and small. These days being a CTO, kinda sorta

It has been a looong time since I was here, but most of it still stands up, albeit rather long-winded. I wonder if Mr Gamma has forgiven me for being mean about the Composite pattern?

The definition of architecture doesn't seem to be such a hot issue any more, which is nice. "The stuff you can't wish away" seems to be the simplest definition that has lasted over the years, albeit rather obscure.

I even got a credit in a Martin Fowler book! Cheers Martin.

After five years of intensely humbling work at Toyota I now also have an inkling about Toyota Way and project management. You know when you think you know something then you find out you know only a fraction of something? That happened, and keeps happening. I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to a lot of people over the years.

Now I am a besuited consultant in the City! A sheep in wolf's clothing no less. Can I do it? Don't know. I'll give it a good go though. With the ascendancy of outsourcing and "agile" dogma, architecture remediation is even more commonly required, and that's what I do.

Still available to help people out. I am busy, so please forgive me if I am not particularly responsive. I'll do my best. cheers. RH.

Old stuff on MicroArchitecture . Drop in if you like. It makes sense to me, honest!

Stuff: TheLastOne, TreeInSql, DocQueryInSql, PushDocQueryInSql, DistributedTransactionsAreEvil, PulseLogic, AvoidingDistributedTransactions,TimeSeriesInSql

Chris style pattern, I like it: "problem, context, solution"


I can be reached: richardhwhois sometimes .

I am blogging at .


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