Redneck Smalltalker

It has been noticed that an inordinate number of Smalltalkers have originated in the rural areas of the US. Among those claiming this are KyleBrown, JohnBrant, and DonRoberts.

To determine if you fit into this category, we have provided some heuristics.

You might be a RedneckSmalltalker if:

Hey, I'm gonna borrow some of these and add them to my "high tech redneck" list here:

Hey, I HaveThisPattern ! :-)

For the uncultured, what's a "redneck" anyway?

The term originally refers to the sunburned neck of someone who works outside all day. It's most common to the southern US, and the term has morphed to mean more about the practices and ideologies of blue collar southern Americans than their particular jobs.

In Jamaica, poor whites are known as "red legs", for similar reasons.

By the way, lest anyone think that John, Don or I might be offended by contributions to this page, we should inform those of you with delicate sensibilities that we created the page and added most of the entries. Hopefully this should have been obvious from the context. -- KyleBrown

Son, you don't talk right... not like a real southern boy would anyways.

I used to live in the south (before it occurred to me that I could just leave if I wanted to). I had a job once where I would come in and one of the guys would call me a geek by way of a greeting, I'd call him a redneck and go on to work -- transaction complete: two harsh insults delivered two fine compliments received. Go figure.

I never set my beer on a floppy, but I have put a wine bottle on a CD. Thoughts, or dare I even ask? America On-Line sends me coasters almost weekly.

Yes, be very careful: you might be a chardonnay-sipping, public transport-riding, gun-controlling, LiberalPinkoCommieSmalltalker!

My friend from Texas would always rebuke me for using the word "redneck". He was adamant that the correct term should be: "neck of color".

* You have firsthand experience with the dangers of multiple inheritance.

No, rednecks have a problem with single inheritance, as in "You know you're from Oakhurst when your family tree doesn't branch."

I think it is multiple inheritance. The problems come when there are multiple paths from you to the same superclass^Hancestor. ---- So "diamond inheritance" then?

I HaveThisPattern Too! -- SteveCline, whose grandma's parents were cousins

When I taught a VisualAge Smalltalk course at IBM in Charlotte, North Carolina, I had the class do an impromptu exercise: Change the menu item "About to close widget" to "Fixin' to close widget". They loved it! By the way, you can add me to list of Smalltalkers who came from small towns. I farmed with my dad in Indiana until I graduated from college. - Allen Benson (I don't have a Wiki page yet.)

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