Rebooting The Brain

RebootingTheBrain is the deliberate act of overcoming the fear center, the amygdala's, interrupt priority over rational (and post-rational) thought. This should only be undertaken with a DeepMythos? inplace and the direct advice of EnlightenedMen.

Else one can easily fall into a feedback loop (or other form of insanity). My proof is roaming the halls of mental wards in every state, people who have activated too much life-energy in their brains. In the West the diagnosis is often manic-depression. In the East, Arhat's disease. Without a workable mythology to carry one through, activating Kundalini is plain dangerous. They struggle in Archtypal Realms with demons, cosmic rays, mars men, strange doctors and vast conspiracys that no one else can see. Read CarlJung, KenWilber, ChogyamTrungpaRinpoche.

One method, employed in many cultures, is chanting the names of deities (see QwanYin) or something more elaborate, according to your constitution. For example,

Believing in existence is eternalism.
Believing in nonexistence is nihilism.
Both are stupid.  Ee Ma Ho!
-- from the Mahayana

Q: Oh deep one, can this be done without a reboot? The microcode clearly already contains instructions for delaying fear, so is it possible to gradually increase the timeouts on those opcodes without breaking the existing firmware?

Young One,

Blazing like fire with passion and aggression!
Could we be pouring the same Wine?  Sure!

Are your gates set for the Vinter's Sudden Feet? Do your nerves call the Winemaker's Crush?

Life is quick and space vast. Follow the pressed-down dirt. Follow the pressed-down dirt.

 Follow the yellow brick road.
 Follow the yellow brick road.
 Follow follow follow follow
 Follow the yellow brick road!

Just another SimpleMinded observation!:

 I whistle a happy tune 
 And ev'ry single time 
 The happiness in the tune 
 Convinces me that I'm not afraid. 

Make believe you're brave And the trick will take you far. You may be as brave As you make believe you are.... -- from the King and I.

Ok, yeah. That is from a (Taoist?) school called Fake it 'till you make it.

The great syllable Om is easier to run as a BackgroundProcess?.

How about the Serenity Prayer

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