Planning Extreme Programming

Planning Extreme Programming by KentBeck and MartinFowler, with illustrations by JenniferKohnke

ISBN 0201710919

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Book Two (or Three) of the XpSeries. A book about planning and tracking ExtremeProgramming projects. Written primarily for ProjectManagers, but with an eye towards programmers and customers who will be part of an XP project.

Gee, I went to Amazon hoping to find a blurb about this book, and I find more information here on the Wiki. So much for Amazon's helpful service... How are they supposed to keep up with Wiki?

A joy to read -- MichaelFinney

How is a reader to know when something in this book is no longer up-to-date with what is known? In other words, is the the final word?

Your experience is the final word. The community's ideas will always grow beyond what can be captured in any book-shaped snapshot. If there's something patently wrong or unworkable, expect to find errata here. Did you have a particular concern?

I want to know and try ExtremeProgramming by the book before I try modifying what is not even known yet. So... in the context of doing it by the book, what is the final book or WebSite? Since Kent is known as the Alpha Male (see and search for "alpha male"), perhaps he is the final word for now? -- MichaelFinney

Its probably fair to say that books written about very dynamic subject areas such as ExtremeProgramming should be good as a base to start from. I'm hoping to get those books very soon -- AndyBarratt

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