Pinning Tests

A SimpleMinded automated test that locks down the behavior of existing, otherwise un-tested code.

For example, run an algorithm and collect logs as a baseline. Each time you make a change, run the program again and compare the logs against the baseline. As long as there is no difference, you have some confidence that things are still working.

Under the safe umbrella of PinningTests, you can begin to ReFactor and create UnitTests.

The most important features of PinningTests are:

1. Give an obvious, definitive pass or fail result.

2. Covers all relevant scenarios that you might break. Professional testers get really good at this; ask them to help.

3. Faster is better.

Non-requirements for PinningTests:

Maybe you don't need to run your tests in every environment that you ship. For a GUI, it's fine to record mouse clicks and keystrokes.

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