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Paul Hudson / Creative Manager / Software Engineer /

I continue to be only an occasional visitor to the Wiki nowadays. Deletion wars, arguments about deletion wars, and the arrival of a few people relatively new to the Wiki who think they instantly can see where we've all gone wrong is getting rather offputting. Email me in the unlikely event you want to reach me.

Working for Motive, as a Deployment Manager - i.e. project management as the main role, for the first time. Previously a Solution Architect (but in practice a mix of everything) for Mformation.

Before that Intuwave (which went bust in November 2006), a company enabling the management of mobile devices. Quite a lot of marketing in this role, which is new for me (novelty is something that seems to come with a new job for me), but also a return to engineering management.

I previously worked for Attenda (managed infrastructure provider) -, as Architecture and Engineering Manager. My group "owned" the definition and day-to-day management of the platform architecture. This was nothing directly to do with software development, which was a first for me.

Previously I worked for Aspective (, Harlequin, Transtech, Olivetti (in Italy), Monotype and Acorn.

I think I'm a technical manager / product manager / designer / engineer. Call me Slash :-)

I'm a manager, that role much criticized here on the Wiki. I also compound this by having acquired an MBA, and (more recently) working in marketing. I'm a software engineer by background, though, and can still write programs...

I've been a proponent of evolutionary delivery since reading TomGilb's book some years ago, and ExtremeProgramming seems to incorporate most of the ideas I've come to consider important. See ExtremeHumility, but humility is not normally one of my traits.

I'm interested in software engineering management, information technology and business architecture, and in product management. Basically, how to successfully (and profitably) produce products and services that meet customer needs. I'm curious as to how best to use ExtremeProgramming ideas when producing shrinkwrapped product, or delivering services (so, particularly how it handles releasing multiple versions, with all the upgrade and rollout issues that implies).

I'm familiar with technologies like C, Perl, LotusNotes, networking, multi-tier architectures and with service management processes and technologies. I did Maths (at Cambridge), but I sometimes resemble a computer scientist (I have written compilers for food).

My brother MichaelHudson is also a participant on the Wiki.

ShamelessSelfPromotion - ROFLMAO! ThankYou.


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