Patrick Mueller

Working once again for IBM, actually, I never really left. I was working 'on assignment' to OTI while I was there. What a great environment to work in. Right now (October 2005) I'm working at the bulding 500 mega complex in ResearchTrianglePark. With the Rational division. Working with some great people. Can't really say what I'm working on at the moment though.

I'm more convinced than ever that HTTP is the answer to all our computing problems. And JSON. And not XML. And not Java. Ruby is a step in the right direction; add a real VM and unicode support and I'm all over it.

My web site is currenty here:

On 2009/03/25, wishing Wikis a happy 14th birthday!

Old Stuff (from before 2004):

Patrick works for ObjectTechnologyInternational in Raleigh, NC, down the hall from RickDeNatale. Rick and I, besides being visually indistinguishable, have worked down the hall from each other for years.

I work in the embedded field, both Smalltalk and Java, but mainly Java these days. Shrinking things to run on small processors that usually have interesting devices attached to them.

At the 1997 Comdex show in Las Vegas, I was part of a team that built the Network Vehicle, along with Delco Electronics, Javasoft and IBM. VisualAge for Smalltalk was more or less running all the interesting devices in the car, except the GUI.

Previously, I worked for IBM in Research Triangle Park, where I last worked on the Web Connection feature for VisualAge for Smalltalk and the Java version of (no idea what they actually named it).

Everything else below was pulled in from the Wiki page I did about 4 years ago. One day I'll edit it ...

A couple of years ago, I was part of a team that implemented a CORBA ORB on top of DCE (experience paper presented at OOPSLA 93).

More recently, I was co-author of the Smalltalk Bindings to CORBA proposal (other half was from HP).

Although I've been playing with Smalltalk on and off for years, it didn't become a full-time job until we started up the IBM Smalltalk Distributed project a year or two ago. I've been working on the transport and security for that project.

I'm also playing a bit with the Web. I've done a couple of things with HTTP and IBM Smalltalk, including a HTTP server written completely in Smalltalk, and a CGI-BIN link to running Smalltalk images.

I've also completely stolen the ideas for Wiki for a similar tool written in REXX for OS/2. (See WikiWikiClone)


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