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A few wikizens have the opinion that every page on this wiki should have a category (see WikiCategories for an explanation of the system). A few feel worthwhile pages should be categorized. Some are opposed to categorizing all of the pages as found on the page: PleasePleaseDontCategorizeEveryPageOnWiki. An agreeable approach is that where it is helpful, Categories assigned to pages can aid the average WikiReader in navigating this wiki.


   Date   To do of Total  Comments       
 20041210 15844 -- 29221  Project Begins
 20050116 15914 -- 30132  Slightly ahead of schedule
 20050207 15414 -- 30347
 20050303 15403 -- 30593
 20050502 15556 -- 30971  Falling behind schedule
 20050816 15589 -- 31331 
 20051213 15744 -- 31760
 20060207 15331 -- 31922
Helpful in this project are comprehensive listings of the pages without assigned categories. Those who would be aided in this project by a provision of daily updated lists can check the sites currently providing lists of pages without categories and consider members of the lists as candidates for categorization.

See PagesWithoutCategory

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