Over Simplification

To argue for a point on a too high abstraction level of the problem under consideration, where the reasoning may be valid, but the consequences are of no use, because they either

One of the FallaciousArguments

Often utilized by our good President to boil complex sociopolitical problems down into neat catch phrases.

"You're either with us, or against us"

Whose good President?

Simplification can bring clarity to the minds eye. When I see raindrops, I see water falling, others make it much more complicated and uninteresting. I see the good in an idea, others may deem it their responsiblity to pick it apart to the point of making it nonsense. I find happiness in simplicity, while others look for ways of achieving happiness by doing things and consuming things, and buying things, and accumulating things. When the sun comes up in the morning, I see the start of a new day, with opportunities and challenges which are more easily solved by a SimpleMinded approach. Solutions are far more valuable to me than the accumulation of problems which can not and should not be solved by me. Those who look at things with a minds eye which is clouded by complexity are like those who would like to see a tree, but fail to see it because of the forest.

Here I see both a tree and the rain. That is simplification to me, OverSimplification to others. --DonaldNoyes

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