Objective Computer Systems

DeletionCandidate. I'd even say, terminate with extreme prejudice, delete right away. Page is content free to everyone not in on the inside-joke, and the following comments are quite old by now, but were never answered:

This is a WalledGarden (or even content-free) as it stands; defenders, please make it intelligible.

"Insert graphic" is unhelpful, we never heard of "Bloop", we never heard of "Objective Computer Systems", the company isn't explained...it all seems like a big inside reference/joke.

[Insert graphic]

This is Bloop, the Objective mascot from the 1980s. His name means Bit Like an Object Oriented Program(mer). Playing on the anthropomorphic possibilities of objects, Bloop was much used in our early training sessions and on promotional mugs. He is smiling here because he thinks he's spinning the globe on that index finger, courtesy of Java. The applet is not supported by Wiki, sorry.

[Insert usable url]. A reasonably cool applet that does still work is [Insert usable applet]

Hmm, apart from that I think everything's working. Here's a picture of the founder in his prime, ready to click on the missing animation using the missing mascot on the missing website:

Was the name "Bloop" intentionally chosen in homage to the Hofstadter language of the same name?

In a word, no. We always said it stood for "Bit Like an Object Oriented Program(mer)" - the final ambivalence to stress the anthropomorphism latent in objects, such as when waving CRC cards around in animating a design as a group. But thanks for asking. What language was that? Douglas Hofstadter do you mean?

Yes, it's DouglasHofstadter. In GoedelEscherBach he outlines three mini-languages, BlooP, FlooP and GlooP. Unfortunately I only have the Dutch version to hand, in which they're called BluS, VluS en GluS, and it will take me some time to haphazardly translate you a description. However, Google conveniently produces as its first entry the Wiki page BloopFloopAndGloop (give or take some capitals). -- LeighCaldwell

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