New Users

Hi, I'm a new user and having difficulty understanding the concept WikiWikiWeb. I know Wiki's in it's infancy but it seems to me it's not too different from a forum except you can delete other people's contribution.

If you are a new user, put your first name, last name and date of adding here in the format shown. At some point, someone should or could periodically delete old users (beyond a particular number of users, or simply when the date gets too old.)

Yep, CortlandHaws tried to set this up. My reasoning is pointless; basically, it would simply be cool to help NewUsers get familiar with WikiWikiWeb. For example, this would get them the opportunity to get a UserPage, and then others could come and help them out with using Wiki. Or just a good way to define new users in general.

Why not? Because YouAintGonnaNeedIt.

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