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On Netscape/Mozilla's FeatureCreep

Mozilla is significantly more than a mere Web browser. It is a new cross-platform application development environment.

So is every program after the the dreaded SecondSystemEffect has taken a hold on it.

GreenspunsTenthRuleOfProgramming has now been invoked. [Invoked on what? Why? Did somebody mention Lisp here? If so, was it done in connection with SmugLispWeenies?]

From JamieZawinski's work page:

Every program attempts to expand until it can read mail. Those programs which cannot so expand are replaced by ones which can.

(JamieZawinski was one of the original development team at Mosaic Communications (nka Netscape...), and on another BellsWhistlesAndGongs victim, Lucid EMACS before that).

The following fortune(1) seems appropriate:

A novice programmer was once assigned to code a simple financial package.

The novice worked furiously for many days, but when his master reviewed the program, he discovered that it contained a screen editor, a set of generalized graphics routines, and artificial intelligence interface, but not the slightest mention of anything financial.

When the master asked about this, the novice became indignant: "Don't be so impatient," he said, "I'll put the financial stuff in eventually."

-- Geoffrey James, The TaoOfProgramming?

See: TheMozillaProject


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