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You said you would "...send you the revised PageFormatting.cpp " of the EddiesWiki - I would appreciate that. - Thanks in advance. I'm going to start the work on my ideas just after the first of the year, and a look at how you accomplished what you have would be of value. -- DonaldNoyes

Will do, Donald. Nag me if I don't get to it within the next few days!

Thanks, received and tried the compiled Wikiserver, works as advertised! Good. Let me know if you run into any problems with the source file.

I see that DonaldNoyes refers to my InterWiki mods to EddiesWiki on his page http://donaldr.noyes.com/ewiki.htm

I guess I should mention that I've made further mods to EddiesWiki that might be of interest.

Things I'm contemplating adding/changing:

Can you explain your comment in MikeSmithEddiesWikiStuff? I'm having difficulty in understanding it fully. -- vk


To start, I'd like to state that I'm not entirely sure that what I have in mind is consistent with the original comment that caused me to post a response. That being said, the following hopefully clarifies what I am looking for.

-- hwo

Hmmm - the first thing that comes to mind is that although a sidebar seems to have potential, actual examples of its exploitation are very limited. If I were keen to have the backlinks hanging around, I would probably change the title link to give the backlinks in a new window, so that I could open and close it as desired. If you had done that, would you still be keen on having a sidebar? Were there other skins you had in mind? BTW, normal page inclusion was done by Eddie for V1.1 beta, and also by Ryan, so it's not just in MVDW's version. MVDW added the ability to include an arbitrary page (such as the sidebar) in the template. -- vk

If I were keen to have the backlinks hanging around, I would probably change the title link to give the backlinks in a new window, so that I could open and close it as desired. If you had done that, would you still be keen on having a sidebar?

Darn it, I may once again be lost in the forest :-) I've tried several times to think of what you might be suggesting and I'm not making progress. I'm not all sure what you mean by change the title link. I've looked at the pageTemplate file on the assumption that this is where you are suggesting I introduce a change. If so, then it seems to me that I'm back where I started, needing to have two separate versions of the file, concurrently. Furthermore, while I appreciate the value of your suggestion that I spawn a separate Window for the backlinks (I really like this since it would let me make much better use of my screen space), I fail to see how two such windows would be co-ordinated - in other words, if I link to a new page in one menu, could the contents of the second window, showing the backlinks to the page in the first, be updated automatically? I suspect this is possible, since I have other software (e.g. TheBrain) that is capable of this, but so far I have been lead to believe that this requires some relatively sophisticated programming that is probably not within the scope of the current versions of EddiesWiki.

Now, I am really beginning to feel quite guilty about dragging you into such an extensive dialogue, so at the very least, I must ask you if you would prefer to move on to other matters than my weird interests. If not, I'm certainly pleased to continue and will ideally, be able to morph these matters into some input that the software developers may find useful or at least interesting. Also, I feel I should at least ask if we should relocate this text to a more appropriate environment than this page?

Regards, (Its really a pleasure, for me to be in touch with you.) Hans

Mike, please can you email me? I'd like to roll your changes into V1.1 with your permission. Thanks -- EddieEdwards (eddie@tinyted.net)

Hi Mike,

Would it be possible to get a copy of your source code changes to Eddie's Wiki?

Well, actually, I've sent my changes to Eddie to merge into his own release 1.1, which AIUI will contain further enhancements, so you might want to wait for that. Also, um, I have no way to contact you! -- MikeSmith

What about a download page? I suppose a lot of people would like it. -- FridemarPache

Maybe after I fix/replace the user "authentication". I'm somewhat embarrassed by it, and further annoyed (at myself) for being too lazy to learn how to do it right. -- MikeSmith

Hi Eddie, Mike

I find the idea of a stand-alone Wiki on my computer very attractive! I am a little bit unsure about different code bases from at least you two. Wouldn't it be a good idea to start a Sourceforge project? To have the source code in a cvs there would make life easier for others to either use the latest version or even contribute to it, of course with your permission. -- BerndGoetz


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