Microsoft Project Viewer

If you're working for a manager who uses MicrosoftProject to schedule tasks, you may need a MicrosoftProjectViewer to open the project plan and view it. Microsoft does not make a view-only product for Project. MS (apparently) thinks that all team members should have access to a full version of Project or that the peons don't need to see the schedule.

Here are some I've found. I don't have any experience with any of them.

Or, you can print the thing. Helps to have a C- or D- sized plotter available.

From a visitor: I'm trying out Projette (to keep the cost down)... so far, so good. I have Windows 2000 with .Net. Thanks for posting this list!

More than just a viewer, but a free MSProj-compatible project scheduling tool: OpenProj? (

See ExcelAsProjectScheduler

I already use Seavus Project Viewer 3.5. and i recommend it to all Project Managers who want to save money and still have their job done.

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