Michael Abrash

He's the author of various specialized books on programming, all of which are out of print. Abrash is a truly top drawer graphics wizard. Collaborations with the likes of JohnCarmack.

Michael Abrash is one of the developers of Quake.

Books by Abrash may be out of print ...

... but he himself is not.
Last I heard he was working at MicrosoftCorporation.

-- GarryHamilton

It is probably more accurate to say that Abrash is a top drawer optimization (and assembly) wizard. Graphics is a natural area for such hackery, but hardly the only one he has worked in. His book 'Zen and the art of assembly language' is badly dated now, but still worth reading. Amazing stuff in there.

Abrash used to work for Bill and currently seems to work at RAD game tools, http://www.radgametools.com/default.htm


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