Meta Thinking

What do we mean by Meta Thinking? Meta thinking is a window into fractals. Picture traveling through a landscape. One with a lot of vertical relief. A unifying feature may be the force of gravity. Many sub-features are a result of gravity in conjunction with poor rock quality. A person can think or understand the landscape if they understand the driving operatives. Same with meta thinking. What underlies? What drives? It may be fractal because one can just keep exploring through scale in many different directions. So meta thinking is about taking the time and effort to step back from a thought and consider it as part of something else.

Thinking about thinking about thinking...

See TripleMeta.

Sounds like the eternal attempt to escape one's system - ala GoedelEscherBach & strange loops. Thinking about thinking seems to imply humans are a) able to think outside their own constraints (I don't believe this), or b) trying to optimize one's mental ruleset, while still constrained to the system.

The "system" is not mapped. It is infinite in both time, space and ?. Certainly no escape is intended, just a greater understanding of the larger system. The Universe is always mysterious. Constraints and rulesets are self imposed. -- BrentBingham

The "system" is infinite and constrained, depending on your perspective. If you are on the surface of a Mobius strip, it seems endless. If you are an outside observer, is seems confined. Such is MetaThinking.

Hmm... "endless" and "confined" are compatible descriptions; a simple loop would suffice for the comment in the previous paragraph, so why specify a Mobius strip?

Cause it is cooler that way. Or to stay on topic, because it invokes more thought than a simple loop. Loops will automatically redirect the thought process back to programming while the Mobius strip...

Contrast with GutFeelings


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