Martin Noutch

Introduced to Niki, Wiki & Clublets by RichardDrake, who I have known for a little over twenty years now.

I am an Architect: no, not software, but the original article! I have a small practice based near Nottingham in the UK and until recently have also taught Architecture at Nottingham University.


I'm also the proud father of 2 girls and 3 boys, and possibly the even prouder husband for the last twenty-odd years of my dear wife, Anna!

One of the most exciting things we have done as a family was to live in Bahrain in the Persian (Arabian?) Gulf 1989-92, and share in some of the lifestyle of Arab people from many nations as well as that of other expats. There was also a small fracas upstream in Kuwait at the time.

In my practice I have recently completed a new 'Renewable Energy Centre' building for research/teaching functions @ Nottingham University making use of a range of sustainable technologies such as light pipes, photovoltaics, wind turbines and rainwater collection in addition to passive solar planning and use of highly insulated construction.

We are presently building a large extension to a school in Lincoln, UK, near to the historic Cathedral: this project was won in a limited design competition 1999.

I am passionately concerned about OrderInArchitecture? and in the definition of what such 'Order' might comprise.

I'm interested in the Wiki NatureOfOrder discussion although I haven't read ChristopherAlexander for over 20 years.

Also interested in the analogy between traditional Architects and Software architects: eg DefineArchitect, TheAnalogyMayHold etc.

Some Wiki Pages I started:

Some Wiki Pages I've joined in:

Wiki Pages I Once Refactored And Caused A Stink:

Martin, be most welcome!

A "real" architect that hasn't read Alexander in 20 years! Interesting. Would you concur or disagree with the views expresses in the straw poll of architects on ChristopherAlexander? --KeithBraithwaite

Martin, hi, I had this special moment on holiday recently in Corsica looking at a wonderful architect's model, as described in AnalysisParalysis. It reminded me of seeing you patiently working on your precious models in Cambridge and Nottingham. I would be really interested to hear from you what a "real architect" means by a model and how he and others make use of it. In software we have "architects" (we think) and "models" (we're almost sure). But I begin to think the differences in what we mean are as big as any similarities. Either way, it'd be great to hear your view of how model building fits within the overall discipline of architecture. -- RichardDrake

Richard, Hi, See ArchitecturalModel for initial thoughts on this subject.

Were you tired when you wrote "too" instead of "to" on Why recently?

Moved from OrderInArchitecture

Is there a difference between 'building' and 'architecture'? It's an old chestnut: see the beginning of Pevsner's 'Outline of European Architecture'.

If there is, part of the difference has to do with the notion of 'Order'.

'Order' in architectural design can arise/be intended in a variety of ways, even, sometimes, through a considered sense of 'disorder'!

'Order' can be a quality/qualities that can be understood by persons other than the designer. There again the 'Order' within/behind the product may be something more like a guiding light understood/considered principally by the designer for his own assistance.

"Concepts on architecture and music change proportionally as change the concepts of order." (Fernando Almeida)


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