Literate Program Browser

The Literate Program Browser is a program browser that understands both hypertext links (ex. HTML) and the target language or languages of interest and displays them accordingly.

The user of a Literate Program Browser can annotate his or her code, embedding documentation, diagram, explanations and the like without going to any special trouble and these will be stored as companion files with the source text and the links are embedded in the source file as comments using the appropriate language comment structure. The Literate Program Browser will NOT collapse the text a'la the HTML Browsers. The result is a documentation and source approach rather like LiterateProgramming, but updated for the Internet/Windows/HTML world. --RaySchneider

Sounds like something I'd like to try. Is there a place to see, try, or get one? -- RandyKramer

In 1997, TedKaehler and DanIngalls added a hypertext capability to SqueakSmalltalk's CodeBrowser? s. You can try it in Squeak or PharoSmalltalk with ALT-6 (Command-6 on Mac): instructions at . As of 2009, a few Squeak methods have hypertext class comments, though you can actually add hypertext to any Squeak text (such as method definitions and DoIt s).


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