Leo Brodie

Leo Brodie was a major advocate of the ForthLanguage.

Where is he now?

Career-wise, I am currently Director of Technology at NetSpeed? Learning Solutions in Seattle.

I have written three published books, two of which are still in print

A sideline business is puppetry. Hobbies include drawing, animation, and songwriting. I released a CD of my own songs, called Across the Years. I'm married, have an older son and two young daughters.

A Question I have been asked about ObjectOrientedProgramming:

For those that have read Thinking Forth, I am sometimes asked how I now feel about object-oriented programming. I must confess that I am now embarrassed by my take on that subject, especially since the principles it enables -- including encapsulation -- were the very attributes I was espousing for good programming practice. But at the time (1984), I hadn't seen Java or even C++. In the early 90's I had the opportunity to develop some applications using a (somewhat) object-oriented Forth, and I found it extremely powerful.

lbrodie@earthlink net


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