Lazy Wiki Gnome

A WikiGnome that just can't be bothered with going into the history pages for the correct version of a page that has been spammed, but instead just deletes it.

See: FastWayToUndelete


A good example of this is the repeated deletions of AdderallDrug.

What some WikiGnomes fail to understand, is that unless a spammed page is restored quickly and correctly, the spammer thinks that they are winning. The only way to discourage a spammer, is to quickly and correctly restore any page that is hit. In all of the many years that I have been a part of wiki, this has been demonstrated over and over.

Not really. Most spammers don't care, since they use automated processes to do the spamming and therefore not only don't waste any of their own time, but also won't read the helpful "Note to wiki spammers" that gets left in prominent targets.


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