Js Unit

JsUnit: the name of two independent testing frameworks, both designed to support JUnit-style (JavaUnit) unit testing of JavaScript code.


A unit testing framework for JavaScript inside the browser. The advantage of testing JavaScript inside the browser is that you can run your tests in all your targeted browsers. This goes a long way to addressing the old problem of inconsistency in JavaScript implementations across browsers.

-- EdwardHieatt

(Discontinued?? The site belongs to some financial service, and some googling tells me that https://github.com/pivotal/jsunit is not actively developed anymore. -- ChristianFriedl)


This version concentrates on the command-line and the server-side JavaScript usage. The framework is tested with a lot of environments and the port is very close to the Java implementation. The implementation uses the JavaScript object model for representing the original Java classes and the user has to write his test cases in a very similar way.

-- Jörg Schaible

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