Java Spaces

[Taken from the JavaSpaces FAQ page]

This technology provides a cooperative marketplace for posting and retrieving groups of related objects across a network. "Buyers" and "Sellers" dynamically post their requests and/or services to a space and receive a response from interested parties. JavaSpaces is not interested in who is posting what; it is based simply on a value-matching lookup routine for specified fields.

The JavaSpaces technology is written in the Java language, and implements the Java RMI extension. It is a simple, fast, and unified mechanism for sharing, coordinating, and communicating distributed resources, services, and objects across a network.

JavaSpaces is based on LindaTupleSpaces.

Info on Sun's JavaSpaces book: JavaSpacesPrinciplesPatternsAndPractice

The official JavaSoft? page on JavaSpaces:

The ComponentBus pattern in ComponentDesignPatterns captures the recurring theme of reducing dependencies between components via TupleSpaces.

See also JiniTechnology, GigaSpaces, SpaceBasedArchitecture


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