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A term invented by TedNelson for an idea first proposed by VannevarBush. What is it? Well, you're looking at it so you must have some idea. However, in this paper http://www.e-drexler.com/d/06/00/Hypertext/HPEK0.html by EricDrexler, there is a fuller discussion of the taxonomy of HyperTexts. See also HyTime, and the history section at http://www.w3.org/.

These pages so far seem to see hypertext only in the context of HTML and Wiki, though.... I am looking for an engine to do literary hypertext. Does anyone know of such a thing? This is easily done in HTML if one wants to read in a new page on each click... but how do you seamlessly modify the text you are looking at upon a click? I can think of an easy way to represent the desired behavior in XML, but clicking would have to change attributes in the XML, which could then be rendered as desired by using the same stylesheet as before the click if it was set up right. But I don't know anything about XML so I don't know if this is possible. -- MillieNiss?

You would need a new MarkupLanguage and a new browser. HTML and its derivatives would require such a page to be bloated with links and maybe JavaScript onclick events. It would be easier and cost less BandWidth? if a CSS page specified the words and their respective links and the browser took care of the rest.

WikiLikeThings lists a number of hypertext annotation tools.

See HyperTextHistory

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