Gnu Cpp

GnuCpp (g++) is the CeePlusPlus implementation in the GnuCompilerCollection.

April 2014 For the latest release (4.9.0) see

For how to tell in sourcecode which version of the compiler is being used see

The rest of this information has not been checked recently.

For extensions for concurrency see MuCeePlusPlus.

For examples of error messages which can need some explanation see TooFewTemplateParameterLists, ChangesMeaningOf.

Recent version produce the warning dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict aliasing rules. There is a discussion about this on

For ways to use this with Windows see CygWin and MinimalistGnuForWindows (MinGW) and TwilightDragon.

See also GnuCee, VariadicTemplatesForGnuCpp, ConceptCpp, ConceptGcc, ObjectiveCeePlusPlus, VisualCppVersusGcc

See CppDependencyAnalysis for a tool to analyse the use of header files.

See StlFilt for filtering of error messages.

See ColorGcc for coloured error messages.

Alternative: Clang (CeeLanguageFamilyFrontEnd).

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