Give Reason For Deletion

It's at the individual's discretion to delete a page, but deletion without reason is unacceptable.

I propose a new guideline: Any page deletion without a reason will be auto-reverted regardless of the page's content.

In other words: Simply putting "delete" on a page is unacceptable and considered anti-social behaviour. If it needs to be deleted, give a reason.

Hard to enforce automatically. And what if the deletion is on the grounds that it's "offensive nonsense"? A legitimate complaint for some things (i.e. somebody posting Holocaust denial), but something which can be applied to any post whatsoever.

Well - not completely automatically, but I plan on autoreverting any page deleted without reason. Putting "delete - offensive nonsense" *is* a reason.

Note! When adding comments after the word "delete" the page needs to be less than fifty characters long. (This page won't delete even though it says delete over and over.)


Acceptable This isn't a guideline for whether pages should be deleted or not - it's just a guideline for when they are.

The problem is, vandals will then give a bogus reason for their deletion. As a WikiSocialNorm?, I'm all for GiveReasonForDeletion--I often revert deletions (assuming good faith) made without an explanation, unless the content is obvious rubbish, or unless it's somebody deleting their own stuff. But I wouldn't enforce it.

I don't really have a problem with them putting a bogus reason - because we can then evaluate it's "bogosity". It's the deletion with no reason that causes problems because there is nothing to evaluate.

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