Frank Lloyd Wright

The "greatest" modern architect, father of OrganicArchitecture. Contrast with ChristopherAlexander, father of PatternLanguage.

I added the quotes to greatest above. If you read the lists under GoodArchitect BadArchitect and honestly apply them to Frank you would have to call him a BadArchitect. But his architecture has been applauded world wide. This raises the question, "Which type of Architect produces the best architecture?" in either software or buildings. History of both fields suggests that BadArchitect s are in the lead. -- ThirdWaveDave

Frank Lloyd Wright built the S.C. Johnson office building in Racine Wisconsin. A graceful highrise made of brick and glass. He also designed the futuristic office furniture to go in the building.

Standing alone, it is a beautiful building. Unfortunately, it is smack dab in the middle of the S.C. Johnson factory campus and it is surrounded by some of the most drab, depressing architecture of the last 100 years. In the context of its environment, it looks horrible. Or at least tragic.

Meanwhile, inside, the roof leaks. Wright seems to have a problem keeping water out of his buildings; see also FallingWater.

See other great architects MiesVanDerRohe, LeCorbusier.

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