Example Size Issues

Based on discussions in HowCanSomethingBeSuperGreatWithoutProducingExternalEvidence:

Some believe that small examples are insufficient to demonstrate the full power of certain concepts. They often suggest that it is the interaction of powerful concepts that creates the large benefits, not each concept in isolation. This raises some questions:

One doesn't have to demonstrate using just entire small apps. Examples/scenarios can also demonstrate portions of medium and large apps. The context can be described. With enough scenarios of a wide variety, complexities found in a large application can usually be approximated sufficiently to demonstrate the power or utility of a technique. The reader or skeptical party may also submit scenarios of their own if they feel that non-representative issues or contrived conditions are being used. This reduces the burden of an example from proving everything to everybody, but rather focuses on issues of concern of the other party, as encountered. There's no use arguing over something that is not an issue of contention. Ultimately, the reader will judge whether a scenario is realistic or if it addresses their own particular concerns.

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