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Please put here any recommendations or derisions regarding books on EnterpriseJavaBeans.

Enterprise JavaBeans by Richard Monson-Haefel, ISBN 1-56592-605-6 . (O'Reilly Publishing)

I found it to be a good introduction, with all I needed to get started. --DavidPrice

There's a sample at http://www.intraware.com/ms/mktg/indaa/itkc/ent_javabeans.html.

If you want to understand the goals of EJB without the details, then I would recommend "3-Tier Client/Server At Work" by Jeri Edwards and Deborah DeVoe?, Wiley, 1997. This book does not address EJB, but it describes the kind of architecture that EJB is attempting to abstract. -- PatrickLogan

Tom Valesky EnterpriseJavaBeans ISBN 0-201-60446-9 seems to be a good introduction and tutorial. You will still need a reference book, of course. --MarkSwanson

Yes I quite like that one too. --JohnFarrell

Try "Professional Java Server Programming", Wrox Press, if you're looking for a wide ranging reference/description of Enterprise Java progrmming.

Enterprise CORBA (PrenticeHall 1999) by three IONA consultants Slama, Garbis and Russell is an EXCELLENT book on the enterprise-level issues such as session mgmt, load balancing, replication, fault tolerance, transactions, etc. Although oriented toward CORBA, it is more general in spirit, and contains many insightful gems. -- Andre Mesarovic

I second the Slama, Garbis and Russell's book to understand structuring software at enterprise level.

For hands on design and development of ejbs, the best book, IMHO is Ed Roman's "Mastering EJBs and J2EE" (in amazon.com search for [Roman enterprise java] ). You still need to read a little bit of your app server documentation and samples to figure out how to start the server etc. By the way, to write the server startup and build/deployment scripts, the scripting language PythonLanguage, http://www.python.org comes in very handy and is easy to use - GS

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