Edwin Earl Ross

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Thanks to WardCunningham for inventing this Wiki. Thanks to those who maintain these Wiki pages. Please feel free to improve my personal page.

Retired Programmer 35+ years Married over 25 years

2 children and 4 grandchildren -- Actually they are my step children, I don't have children of my own because alcoholism runs in my family, and I didn't want to pass on bad genes, overpopulate the world, and leave any children in a world of decline. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Limits_to_Growth influenced my decision. Now global warming reinforces that I made a good decision. I hope the world will not fail as Easter Island did. The clock is ticking.

I am dyslexic and have some autistic traits. I didn't learn to speak until age 3, and struggle with speaking and writing. Late language skills is characteristic of autistic children.

Born and reared in the USA.


Anti-interests: Programming has always been easy for me. While at the University of Texas at Austin, I read about primary and secondary languages, and the differences between spoken languages and computer languages. I've been interested ever since, and have performed many mind experiments over the years. Of course, these experiments have led me to design a new language, an extensible language called Ameba (not Amoeba), a programmable calculator with a metalanguage. IMHO, its closest relative is the meta-assembler, but it is significantly different from any meta-assembler that I have used. As of 2010, I am finishing a design document, and will begin development soon.

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