Dodge The Issue

Ignoring important parts of the issue and pretending it doesn't matter, or focusing on needless details and distractions instead of the main issue.

Try not to DodgeTheIssue. Look at things fully and objectively and address it head on. If you don't have time to address the issue, admit it instead of dodging the issue and pretending it's not important.

Don't dodge the main part of the issue and focus on some other nitty detail.

Example of a dummie dodging the issue entirely:

Bob: What are apples or oranges and how do I tell them apart?

Dumbo: Ahh fruits! Good question! Well you could implement an orange using ions, particles, atoms, or electron clouds I suppose.

Bob: you are dodging the issue, I don't need to know whether oranges are implemented with ions or atoms, I need to understand what apples and oranges are at a high level!

Dumbo: you could use ions or atoms, but you could also use molecules!

Bob: what are fruits and oranges and apples? tell me

Dumbo: ahh I gotta run, got house cleaning to do! P.s. don't eat apples that are made of molecules, eat only apples that are molecule-free and have no apple stickers (tags) on them!

Bob: that's got nothing to do with anything, I want to know about apples and you are confusing students with gibberish about whether apples have stickers on them or whether they are made of atoms or molecules - that doesn't even answer the question.

Troll: well it's all relative anyway, apples could be known as ants on some alien planet, so who can really say objectively what an apple truly is! There really isn't an agreement whether or not apples actually exist anyway, they could just be electrical clouds due to quantum mechanics... not actual physical materials and particles like you thought! It's really a matter of psychology anyway, because a deluded person with psychological issues might see a pineapple and think it is an apple. His pineapple might be someone else's apple! It's really all boiling down to psychiatry - which is a hard science - unlike say math or programming which is tied to psychology, and psychology is not a hard science!

See also: HandWaving, MovingGoalPosts.

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