Dmitry Jemerov

A last-year student and a maniac programmer ( :-) ), having just graduated with a diploma evaluating the use of ExtremeProgramming for writing corporate information systems. I work for VineYard? ( I have written InfinityExplorer? (, and I'm one of the developers of FarManager ( I am also the lead developer of SyndiRella? ( I live in St.Petersburg, Russia.

My e-mail is, and my ICQ UIN is 84614327. I also was a FidoNet SysOp (2:5030/654), but now my node is officially dead.

Nice to meet you, Dmitry ;-) Enjoy. -- AndreySidorenko

It seems like StP can form it's own XP Community :) -- PavelPerikov

Nice idea! - KerimBorchaev

Fixed. Welcome to StPetersburgXpCommunity.

How is your degree research on XP? -- KirillKalishev


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