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Q: Isn't this really the same as CategoryComplexity, which obviously covers avoiding complexity (nobody I know of wants more complexity)? I recommend doing away with this category and change any tags to CategoryComplexity. WikiWiki is growing too big; we thus need to make sure we don't duplicate categories. (Wiki is becoming a OnePileFilingSystem at a size of about 32000. This may be large to some, to small for others, and just right to the remainder)

A: No. Simplification is not simply to avoid complexity. There is need for this distinction. It include simple things, methods and structures. -- Corrected DonaldNoyes 20080210

Please clarify. I don't see any real distinction.

Clarification: Check out the pages in both categories, and you will discover the distinction. 23 out of 28 in CategoryComplexity use the term "Complexity" in their title. 13 out of 25 in CategorySimplification use simple or simplicity in the page title. This is distinct in my view. Simplicity and Complexity are different terms and represent widely different approaches to problem solving.'' -- DonaldNoyes 20080210

It still seems like the essence of the differences is not being labeled properly and needs a rethink. I cannot offer a better one either at this point, but do feel that the existing arrangement smells.

It should be very clear that different things need different names. This leads to identification, clarity, understanding and progress. -- DonaldNoyes 20080210


All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope. -- Winston Churchill

To Define and Name, is perhaps to Simplify. DonaldNoyes 20080210

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