Disagree By Distorting

A very nasty wiki practice, strongly disapproved of:

You see some text you disagree with. Instead of writing up an opposing idea, you edit the text so it says your idea as if that were the intention of the previous authors. A simple example is inserting the word "not" right before the verb.

For an alternative, see DisagreeByAdding.

As an example, contrast RefactorLowHangingFruitOriginal with RefactorLowHangingFruit.

What are you talking about? I just did a diff on the two versions of the dialogs, and aside from a single harmless punctuation change, they are identical, except for a comment added at the beginning and a comment added at the end. It seems pretty clear that the additions are a joke.

It being listed here as an example made me think that there would be some insidious, hard to find word insertions. Not the case at all.

See also ContentSwizzling.

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