Dilbert Moment

The moment you realise that DilBert isn't satire but reportage.

A "DilbertMoment" is coined after that luckless inhabitant of cubicle hell, Dilbert. It describes the feeling you get in a situation (usually associated with a large company or project, and best felt when surrounded by a huge cubicle grid) when a sudden sensation comes over you that makes you feel you must know what it is like to be Dilbert. -- DionHinchcliffe

For all the foreign object consultants living in Switzerland, from Dilbert Future:

"How Super-Smart-Land Would Be

(...) After years of inbreeding, the super-smart people have evolved into skinny, gray creatures with huge eyes. They wear makeup to look like stern Germans when tourists are around.

Prediction 19 In the future we'll all realize that the creatures we thought were from other planets are actually smart people who live in Switzerland."

See The Dilbert Principle, ISBN 0887307876

The book was depressing and somewhat true. -- MichaelFinney


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