David Ness

I am a (retired) Professor living in Pennsylvania. I used computers in High School back in the middle 1950s and have been involved with them ever since. I was a member of the research staff at Project MAC and one of the `founders' of the first Decision Sciences Department at a major University. I spent the majority of my career as a teacher and as a consultant to large organizations. I was a co-founder and co-developer of one of the first systems to deliver on-line disaggregated data to the advertising industry in the late 1960s, well before distributing information to remote sites was very common. And I brought microcomputers to TV-Guide as head of data processing operations there in the early 1980s.

My computer interests focus on typesetting (TexTheProgram), array languages (JayLanguage, KayLanguage, AplLanguage) and I do most of my work in these languages along with PerlLanguage and occasional lapses into CeeLanguage/CeePlusPlus.

My email address is: mailto:DNess@Comcast.Net


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