Dave Steffe

Citizenship: USA, UK resident since 1985


dave.steffe@googlemail.com is my preferred email address.

Over the past 9 months I've had some success 'convincing' our development group to seriously look at XP issues as a means to improve our development scene. My personal thanks to all who have contributed to the XP knowledgebase on WardsWiki!

From 1990-93 I co-ordinated the EvolutionaryDelivery of a 4-year mining/exploration software project technically managed by RichardDrake and his team from Objective.

I am in favour of much of Tom Gilb's EvolutionaryDelivery as a means to consistently and accurately represent end user requirements while efficiently controlling development resources (costs).

Of all the end users and managers that I met during the first ten years of seeking to practice TomGilb's ED ideas, using objects where possible, from 1986, Dave had one of the deepest grasps of why this way was different and better to what he (and I) had seen before. His contribution to this major mining exploration project was immense and I for one learnt a great deal from him about UserStories at every level (before we ever used that term). --RichardDrake


04/05/03: Hello my dear friend! I hope all is well with you. I have not spoken to you in quite some time and just wanted to say hi! Big Hugs from me to you!!!!


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