Curtis Bartley

I'm a software engineer in Seattle, Washington. Currently (May 2003) I'm working part time as a research assistant at the Human Interface Technology Lab at the University of Washington. My most recent real job was at Tangis, where we did software for wearable computers.

Prior to Tangis, I worked at a company called Netpodium which was acquired by INTERVU, which was in turn acquired by Akamai. It's just as well that I never did get my INTERVU business cards. Whose idea was it to supply business cards in lots of 400, anyway?

In the past I worked for a startup called Dimension X, which was acquired by Microsoft, and that's how I ended up in Seattle.

Before Dimension X, I worked at a little company in Dallas, Texas called Altsys. Altsys probably didn't qualify as a startup by the time I got there because they were making a ton of money licensing FreeHand to Aldus. Then came the Adobe-Aldus merger, and Altsys got bought by Macromedia.

I used to do a lot of coding in C++, but for the last couple of years I've been programming mostly in Java. When I'm doing quick and dirty stuff or I just want to program for fun I usually use Python. Unlike many of Wiki's participants, I have historically been involved in the shrinkwrap application side of the business. Now I'm learning about distributed applications, databases, and reliability.

I have a website at and I can be reached by e-mail at Right now the website is just a place to put my online resume and to hang a semi-permanent e-mail address off of. One of these days I may put some more interesting stuff there, but I'd recommend that nobody hold their breath.

Here's a list of books that I think every C++ programmer should read:

Here's some other books I recommend:

I've started a few pages on Wiki:

Things to look at when I have more time:

Pages to remember:

Since you asked for feedback if we read far enough: I looked at OneRealWorldLoggingSystem and found it pretty interesting. Thanks. -- cb.

Hi Curtis! No I'm not at Macromedia any more, I've updated my home page with my latest news. The MsWiki link on your site is broken. I'm interested in alternate WikiUserInterface and would like to check it out. --SarahAllen Calling it a website is being overly generous. The MsWiki link never went anywhere. However, if you go back to that page ( and do a view source, you can see some of the example mark-up and JScript to automatically format it. -- cb


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