Cs Lewis

Clive Staples Lewis, 1898-1963.

Professor of English and prolific writer in several genres (literary criticism, Christian apologetics, children's fantasy, science fiction, theology, plain ol' fiction, ...). Author of the Chronicles of Narnia series (coming to a theatre near you), the subject of the film Shadowlands.

Among his most widely known works are the seven volumes of the ChroniclesOfNarnia.

Some Lewis web sites:

Best friend of JrrTolkien. :)


A speech given on the eve of end of WW2 (before or after Jun44 D-Day?) and has excellent observations on the attractions and fallacies of relationships.

If you enjoy his stories and discussion books, I advise you NOT to read his autobiography. -- VickiKerr. please say a bit more about why not -- JamesCrook Replied by email. -- vk

You might also try "Till We Have Faces" (ISBN 0156904365 ), which is a retelling of the Roman myth of Cupid and Psyche. I liked it, anyway. -- JonathanRosebaugh

Discussion of his religious beliefs (and a "proof" of God) deleted due to being OffTopic and inappropriate for this site.


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