Content Creation Wiki

Wikis like C2 and its SisterSites are not ContentClassificationWikis in the same way as is WikiPedia. They may be more accurately described as ContentCreationWikis, in which collaboration creates and develops new ideas. This kind of wiki does not consist of pedagogical descriptions of existing ideas.

This means there is an incompleteness in what resides here. Treat a page here as a half-finished piece of sidewalk art. Don't scuff it up. Don't rub it out. Don't write messages on it like "finish this you bum or I will scuff it" or "I disagree" or "me too".

Instead, see if you can head it toward completeness. If you can't do that now, leave it be. Maybe one day you will think of something to add, or perhaps another will. We rely on each other to help new things come into being, like ants building nests. This is what is entailed in the WikiNature.

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