Configuration Management

Both old and new speak for SoftwareConfigurationManagement.

I.e. CM was used first. Then one started to speak of SCM, and it never fully settled down whether what was meant was CM in the domain of software, or CM in the age of software (with software tools, using software representations). Relatively recently, one started again to speak of plain CM, with yet more confusion.

It is questionable whether there is any semantic shift in abandoning the S in SCM. Some argue the intention is to gain generality. I believe SCM was exactly as general already. -- MarcGirod

The oldest use of the term ConfigurationManagement was meant to describe mainly enforcement based processes. Tool supported management was thus a whole new generation, until it became ubiquitous. Maybe. I would like to believe it is obvious that there can be no ConfigurationManagement that would not be SoftwareConfigurationManagement.

I believe that ConfigurationManagement as distinct from SoftwareConfigurationManagement refers to projects/systems (Think SpaceShuttle or new IBM computer) that have a hardware component. The Software CapabilityMaturityModel is specific about being concerned with Software CM not Hardware CM. -- JohnSinclair


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